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The Trinket Box is finally finished and I have uploaded it to Kindle.  In twelve hours or so it will be live and available for purchase and download!

On the print book side of things though I’m incredibly disappointed.  The publisher, Lulu, I have used since 2002 has taken away the ability for me to publish a 5.86″ x 8.26″ paperback book so that I can get an ISBN number and get it into distribution through Amazon, etc.

So I now have to decide what to do.  My options are:

Choose not to get the ISBN number and distribution, just print books that I can order and sell off my website.

Choose a different size (6×9 which I don’t like at all in softcover) which means re-formatting the insides to yet another size.  (I’ve tried many over the years)
A variation to this is to do the re-formatting and publish it in

Try to find another company who might get me the size I want and the distribution but I think these are far and few between

Decide if I want to, perhaps, submit to a publisher before I ever see it in print and see if there’s someone who might be interested in it.

Decisions, decisions!

At least it’s done!  It felt good to put the finishing touches on it and paste it into the template!  It felt great!

And my next thought–what’s next?  What trouble can I get into since this is done?

Never a dull moment!