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I just put the finishing touches on what I hope is my final edit!!!  The Trinket Box is closer to publication.

Anyone want to enter all the edits into the computer?  I’m not looking forward to it as there are arrows and “Go to Page __” directions everywhere!  It’s going to be quite the chore trying to follow my own directions!

That is what happens when you have an idea and have to implement that.  Most of the words are on the page but you have to move it around.  A conversation in person had to become a text conversation because I sent her out of town!

I figured it out the other day–this is my third edit and, as I said above, hopefully my last!  I will still print a copy and I will still go through it but hopefully with no more changes.  I will edit for sentences, spelling and grammar and to make sure that all of my cuts were actually cut and I don’t have stray words in the middle of sentences.

I have to say that it annoys me when I read articles in the newspaper, and magazines, and come across spelling errors or transition words that have been left in a sentence that obviously got changed.  It makes me wonder where the editors are.  Are editors actually that?  Or is it just a title bestowed upon individuals who have worked their way up the ladder?

And I will admit that I have re-read some of my books and found the same thing that I was so sure I had cleaned out on my final pass.

A perfect example is one of the Pregnancy magazines we get at work.  I opened it up to a short article on later-in-life pregnancies.  Both amniocentesis and Chorionic (Villus sampling) were both spelled wrong.  According to the byline, it was an interview.  So where was the editor?  These are things that should be picked up on because they should be making it their business–if they have this kind of magazine, these words should be spelled correctly.  This is supposed to be their bread and butter!

It makes me wonder, at times, why there is a double standard–if you or I were to attempt to sell an article with spelling errors like that, we’d get a rejection slip faster than the speed of light.  But in this case it was okay?

I know life is not fair but does it have to be this frustrating?