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My daughter is in Grade 11 and nothing is like it used to be when I was in high school.  Most subjects had exams, the ones that couldn’t just had marks from assignments throughout the year.  So she is in Art and they have to do a Summative (which now takes the place of exams in some courses, including English!) and she had to present what she was going to do her summative on.  So she chose a sunset done in pastels.  This past weekend we went to the beach where there was still snow all along the shoreline and she told me yesterday that she’d like to change her summative to include the snow but… she can’t!  Because she already presented what she was going to do, she can’t change it!

She spoke the words I long to hear… my teacher should know that artists change their minds all the time…

Hell yeah!  The Trinket Box has changed how many times?  Not the basis of it but how it’s presented!  I’m in the process of doing what I hope are my final re-writes right now!  I’ve had Joanna head to the trailer for a few days on her own for some vacation time and to exchange notes with James.  I’ve removed her from the complicated city life to add something to the letter writing thing!

As writers, our work is always changing and morphing.  Not necessarily into something entirely different but if we want to add some snow to the sunset scene than there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m sure any artist will agree!

Creativity flows in the same fashion as our minds and hearts.  We see things one way but then we see it another way… there’s nothing wrong with either way.  We are the way we are because we have a gift, a gift that we grow into and hone in a way that is unique to each of us.

I have read books that I’ve put down and thought about and decided that I liked the story line but had it been me I would have done it another way.  I’m sure most of us have.

If we all had the same way of thinking there would be no art in the world… there would be no new music, the books would have all been written and nothing would adorn our walls.

I leave you with a Story Starter:

After winning a bet, an identical twin wakes up in a strange house.