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It always seems that I have to make a sacrifice and more often than not, it’s my writing time that is sacrificed.  I have two cats… one, the older one (she’s 15), has taken to emptying her bowels on the blankets on the couches in my living room rather than going upstairs to the litter box.  Well, this morning I changed things around in my kitchen so I could put the litter box there, on the main floor, so that perhaps that will stop.  If not, she will have to go back to the shelter where she came from seven years ago or I will have to take her to the vet to see if there is a problem.

And I do have more time than usual because my daughter is at the trailer with my parents and they won’t be back until later this afternoon.

Now for some frustrations of mine…

The Artist in Residence program I applied for sent out a notice on Friday (a WEEK after the due date) to advise that due to technical difficulties, they extended the due date to May 11.  Oh, and mine had been successfully received.  So now I wait, longer!

Last week I went out and bought this month’s copy of The Writer.  Open it up to page 12 and there’s an article on handwriting your book… not mine!  The funny part is, I couldn’t really find a section of the magazine that it would fit into after I had finished writing my copy so I sent it, on spec, to Writer’s Digest, who probably won’t run it since it’s been at least six weeks if not two months since I sent that.

I know every writer has frustrations, whether similar to these or entirely different.  It’s always a case of finding that balance and just when you think you’ve found it, someone pulls the rug out from underneath, just like the tablecloth!  I guess the biggest question is whether you remain standing and carry on or whether you let it take you down!

I suppose I’ll go now… enjoy the beautiful weather we are having and read more of The Writer and do some editing.  I’ve edited the first 28 pages or so and as I flipped through the pages to come it felt like a hugely daunting task suddenly.  I feel like The Trinket Box will never come to print!

And lastly, my daughter had a fantastic idea yesterday… I was at the trailer too and the shoreline is still covered with snow and ice.  It was fascinating to see and take pictures.  We walked further down the beach than we ever have and we came across someone’s cottage, I think… it’s as though they took a garage and built it as their cottage.  It actually had a garage door at the end but the long side faced the beach with a regular door and a small deck.  I knew someone once who had an old bus they had built around as their cottage so anything is possible.  I digress… my daughter said I needed to take a picture of it for a possible cover of a book someday… better yet, perhaps I can find a storyline that would fit it.  Sometimes she’s a genius!