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So the changes have all been made and the next copy of the manuscript has been put into the binder.  I ended up going to work on Tuesday morning (yup, to work) with my notebook and making some notes on some changes.  I’m now trying to implement them.  They are, however, the best changes I have come up with to date that doesn’t require changing the entire thing!

And that’s how it goes.  My biggest issue, right now, is how tired I am!  I just can’t seem to focus on any one thing for very long lately, all due to fatigue.  It’s not that I’m not excited about digging in and getting the edits done (again) but I don’t feel like doing anything right now… I don’t even want to go to work.  But… I have to pay the bills.  Maybe it’s because I now have FIVE kids for camp already AND I’m trying to plan my vacation and I’m looking forward to that time off and getting to the trailer AND doing the things I want to do.  My time will come, I’m just being impatient!

Then there is this book… every time I have edits to do, I want to cut them off because I just want to introduce my book to the world!  And every time I force myself to do the next round of edits and I do end up happier!  Says something doesn’t it?

By the way, the latest issue of Writer’s Digest landed in my mailbox on Thursday and it’s great so far!  Talking about short stories from novella down to flash fiction and different ways to make money off all of them… there was an excellent idea in one of them and that was to post a novella or novelette, chapter by chapter on a blog BUT… to take it down after a week!  So I might start doing that with The Trinket Box on Wednesdays but not until I’m far enough into these edits that I can.

So stay tuned and I’ll let you know!

As much as I don’t want to go to work, I’m also very excited about writing.  I was at the optometrist yesterday and he said that his brother wrote a sci-fi/fantasy novel but hasn’t done anything with it but he loves writing so much that he’d love to do nothing but… OH!! How I was able to relate!!  The feelings get pretty intense sometimes… the desire great…

I guess that’s ultimately what this blog is about… the desire to be a full-time author and my path to getting there and being able to share all the ups and downs with others who are on the same path and I know there are many.  Many others who, I hope, can relate to those ups and downs.

Together, one day, we will break through the force field and join in the fun!