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To be at a loss for words?  This is usually a bad thing for a writer and falls under Writer’s Block.  I teach how to find your way out of that and now I find myself in it!

My last day of work was yesterday… it felt nostalgic even though it had only been six months… I think it was like a baby in a way… I was the first one to go in there, set things up, make it work.  I didn’t shed a tear, though I came close, but I think that’s the biggest thing, I made it what it was!

So, now I need to let go, let me hair down, and relax… update my resume and then turn my mind to spending some honest-to-goodness writing time!  Get out of the writer’s block, get into that novel I’m editing, get some articles written and sent out…

But I want to take a bit of time to do that.  Next weekend is a long weekend.  If I focus on the one job this week, and getting over the really bad cold I’ve had, then I believe I can come out of this thing and hit the ground running!

And that goes for all of us!  When we’ve had to deal with the usual stresses of life, which we do more often than not, we all need to take that small step back, regroup and then move on.  Move on to bigger and better whether that’s for real or in our own minds… it’s what in our own minds that matters most in the long run!

And a really mixed up story starter for anyone who wants the challenge…

After four failed marriages, a devoted family man accidentally kisses a friend’s husband

Enjoy it!