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Editing that is!  I have finished editing The Trinket Box!  Now I have to make all the changes in the computer and print off another copy and go through it again… that’s the process and though it’s long and sometimes daunting, it’s what makes it as good as it can be!

What a whirlwind this week has been… it’s not every day you pack your boss into an ambulance and send him to hospital… it’s stressful beyond words as I am left as the one with the medical license!  Cancelling appointments and telling people there has been a medical emergency wasn’t fun either… we actually had to tell some people that he was in hospital for them to believe us… I guess they thought we were using that as an excuse for him to have gone off to his cottage or something!

That brings me to character… I don’t have many rude characters in my novels.  Why?  I don’t know… maybe I’m just tired of rudeness in real life so why put that into my books?  I write fiction which means I make up the world and in doing that, I make it the world I would like to see rather than the world we live in!  In writing I can leave what I don’t like outside that world.  Sure I have included murder and mayhem in my books and there are a few people who are sarcastic but I go to the extreme and make some people mean before they are charged with the murder… if they’re still alive!

I have 1 week of the extra job left to go.  If all goes well I won’t have anyone on Friday and two appointments on Saturday.  Then I can turn my focus on to writing even more… Let’s hope so!!  I spent NINE hours at the barn this week–that will have to be cut down if I’m going to do this.  I suddenly can’t spend my all the free time at the barn.  Writing requires focus… maybe not quiet but close to it!  (And here I sit trying to write this particular blog post with my phone chiming beside me with text messages as everything continues to whirl around me!)

So I will leave you with thoughts on characters and writing in the midst of chaos!