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I have handed in my resignation!  Though part of me was joyous, the other part dreads the next 2 weekends still… 4 shifts of rolling my eyes at people who are visiting far off places but don’t want to pay the price to protect themselves!  I purposely handed it in to my direct superior on Friday night… figured I’d save myself the anguish from the higher-ups for the weekend, at least… they may not say anything, who knows!  I might not keep my mouth shut if they ask why I’m going!

On to writing… well, writing the resignation, now that was something!  Ah, I have a one-track mind this morning.

The editing is almost finished which is a relief.  I found an error through my first edit when I was typing it all out and making changes… I left a section in about her having found her wedding gown out of town!  So that had to be fixed! Ho hum… but I’d rather be the one to find and correct than to have someone else find it… I know how agitated I feel when I’m reading a book filled with spelling and grammar mistakes and I just finished reading one of those!

So when editing, read the book backwards… sentence by sentence to check grammar and spelling–this way you can’t get caught up in your own story!  So, it looks, though, like I will be having to print out and edit this book yet again!  I really wanted to go to press with it soon but to do my best to make it perfect, I must edit again!

I just came across my favourite line in the whole book as well and I have included it in a previous post, or two:

“But you’re nervous?”
“Of course I am. How many people do you know that are holding a special ceremony to ‘marry’ the man they’ve fallen in love with you has been stuck in time and place somewhere between heaven and hell for a hundred years?”

I think this will become the line… the tagline like movies have… it sums everything up so perfectly!

Better get it finished!