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Well, so far this month has been shaping up… I’m on track to put in my resignation near the end of this week and many things are formulating in my mind.  Of course I won’t actually have the free time I’m looking for until April but if I can fit some writing in here and there, things should still look up.  I also managed to… gulp… schedule a summer camp.  Okay, so last year was awful… IF this year’s camp doesn’t fly, well, then I’ll throw in the towel.

It’s a glorious day where we will be hitting close to the 0 (Celsius) mark.  The sun is shining and things are melting–always what we look for!  AND today will be the first chance I have at watching a pre-season baseball game!!  I’m very excited!!

I did also manage to get more editing done and I’m now close to the end!  I’ve reached the “ceremony” to try to get James out of his fog and into the real world–a real world almost a century beyond where he left things… oh how things have changed!!  Cars were in the conception phase, now everyone (ok, almost everyone) has one; people fly around the world, we can talk and be reached from everywhere via cell phone, we can contact someone without a stamp because of email.  When you write about all the things that have changed in a hundred years it’s truly amazing.  To write about someone from the first world war who has never seen any of it, not only do I wonder how they managed but I am grateful for all that we have and that I was born in a time to watch a lot of it come to reality.

One of the many joys of writing.  Last Monday for class I wrote on the board: There must be more truth in fiction than in non-fiction.  My two little girls were stumped as was one of the parents.  I explained that when someone opens a non-fiction book they expect it to be true.  In fiction, you must research everything because if someone reads your words and thinks something is cool they will research it so it better be true! They thought this was fantastic and I’m sure their friends at school heard about it the next day!

Those are my words of wisdom this week!