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Last week ended up as a bit of rant… perhaps that is not what my blog is supposed to be about, so I’m sorry!

The thing with writing is that it is but isn’t like any other job…

I work full-time and annoyingly part-time as you know (from following the blog) and I have Wednesdays off.  And I wish I didn’t have the part-time job, etc, etc.  When you work for an employer you have to put in your time.  Even moreso if you’re on salary!  If you’re hourly, well, you just don’t book that time.  But with a writing career, whether full-time or part-time (or somewhere in between), you are the boss.  And the trouble with that can be forcing yourself to sit down and get writing done.  Sometimes your brain is turned off, sometimes you’re tired, sometimes the kitchen seems to be calling.

And when you have other things to do, no matter what they are, if those things start nagging, sometimes you have to do them in order to shut down that part of your brain and turn on the writing part of your brain.

So far this year, my brain has been pretty frazzled!  Between hospitals, working and trying plan writing classes, my plate has gone beyond full–I think there may be a few shards of glass left from when it exploded!

So I’m trying… trying to regroup, refocus and see where things stand.  I have to get rid of this part-time job but I’m uncertain that’s feasible financially (which I have also not had time to sit down and evaluate).  I have posted my writing resume on Indeed and I keep an eye on writing jobs everywhere and have applied to plenty… it just seems like nobody wants to see me as a freelancer for them!

I bring much to the table between writing experiences, personal experience and professional experience.  No, I couldn’t write about Mars travel but throw anything medical at me, single parenting, divorce, raising a child not only on your own but without financial support, writing (obviously), etc. and I can tell you all about it.  And the great thing about nursing, is that I can dumb it down!! I even have another blog on Alzheimer’s because my grandmother was diagnosed four years ago.

So, publishers!  Here I am.  Use me for the wealth of information and trivia I’m good for!  It’s too bad there isn’t a website (anymore) where writers/authors can hang their shingle and be found…  there used to be!