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Well, that week didn’t go as planned!  So much for that “free” day off!  Turns out the knucklehead my boss hired to change out the computers in our office decided that he was going to run behind on a shipment, therefore running behind on the installations.  So, I had a half day off on Thursday which means I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, including getting to the bank, getting groceries, etc.  I did manage (barely) to get to Chapters where I picked up some writing magazines that will probably take me two months to finish reading!

So that seems to be how it goes.  Yesterday off was almost terrific–I got to sleep in, shower late, read the paper, do my laundry.  The only thing I wouldn’t have asked for was a trip to the barn.  Turns out it was -13 with a windchill of somewhere around the -25 mark (if it was that warm) so it was incredibly cold.  However, the low last night was -29 with a windchill of -43 and today and tonight will not be much better.

Another one of those days to stay in, write, edit… ah, a writer can dream!  No, today it’s off to my baby brother’s birthday celebration.  HO HUM!!

My daughter has asked what we’re doing tomorrow–NOTHING!!  I’m staying in.  I’m getting some work done–I want to write!  I want to edit!  I want to look at my income tax “stuff” in order to begin the process of filing at some point in the near future!  Turns out, she’s going for a sleepover at a friend’s house tonight so I will merely be on-call to go pick her up.

But I can’t believe that the long weekend is half over already.  It seems like such a drop in the hat!

I guess I better at least try to carry on down my to-do list.  I need a card for my brother, some cash, some groceries… oh, and I’m telling my boss that I had to work half a day and that I’ll be using it at some point towards my vacation time instead!

Happy Family Day to those celebrating and President’s Day otherwise!

P.S. I did get my Christmas stuff put away!