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I hate winter.  And I think it hates me!  Here’s why…

I hate driving on bad roads.  I don’t like the feeling of the vehicle sliding this way and that and I’m afraid of losing control.  I’ve been driving for far too many years to tell so you’d think that living in Canada I’d be used to it by now.  But the last couple of winters, no.  My daughter rides, which means we head to the country twice a week, minimum.  Three times if she’s teaching (this coming week).  It’s not just the roads then, it’s the laneway into the barn–there is a very bad hill and the snow likes to drift everywhere!  I also have a bad back.  That means that getting cold and bundling up, etc. is far from comfortable.  If I were to slip on the ice (or get into a car accident) it would mean Morphine pain for me!  Not to mention that I have lost my parking spot at home thanks to incompetent snow removal staff.  I would rather hibernate in winter!

To hibernate would be wonderful.  To think of all the writing I could accomplish.  All the editing I could do!  Maybe I’d have 18 books rather than 8 going on 9!

Oh, and my two little girls, they got pushed off a week thanks to the weather last week.  We got two feet of snow and they were unable to get out of their streets!  See, you cannot plan anything in the winter here because it always gets ruined!

So another week goes by where I got very little done… but… my wonderful boss offered up an extra day off this week in his absence!  I will work all day Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday and Thursday off then work a half day Friday (oh and Friday evening at the other job 😦 I forgot about that for a moment) then… big finish… a long weekend–Saturday, Sunday and Monday off.

That much should get me through some further editing and get the rest of my Christmas stuff put away–yes, it’s still up because I don’t have time to get any of it down!  I JUST put away my Nativity this morning as well as the cards.  It’s a slow transformation and one that I am never happy about.  I love the Christmas season.  I love the lights and how much happier people are.  I love the family gatherings just because and I hate to see it all get packed away.  The good news is, I only have to wait another nine months before I put it all back up again!

Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day after all–a day that hardly ever appears in any of my novels… perhaps I will have to change that!

I might even get a mid-week post up!

Carpe Diem!