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Aside from reading half of my Writer’s Digest on Wednesday morning while I waited for my daughter to write her driver’s test that’s pretty much the closest I’ve been to writing anything!  It’s been another one of those weeks… I’m visualizing my goals of making money from my writing flutter out the window like a butterfly–gracefully!

My grandma was re-admitted to hospital on Thursday.  My daughter was off this week for exams.  We had an extra day at the barn.  We had the symphony Friday night.  I worked the rest of the time.  Yesterday I literally went from sun-up to well past sun-down.

So here I am, my weekly blog and the only words I can find are those that have negatively impacted my writing… I guess it beats finding no words at all!

I am also starting a writing class tomorrow evening for two little girls who love writing and want to learn all they can about it.  I can’t wait to meet them actually and then jump right into Plot and how to develop that.  Or should I lead with Characters?  It has always been a toss-up for me: without plot there’s nowhere for the characters to go and without characters, you have no plot.

I still have time to work it out!

Wish me luck!