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That’s how far I’ve made it in the editing process!  And I haven’t added great gobs of words like I was hoping.  In fact I’ve added little.  Changed a fair bit–wording, grammar, missing quotations and periods (go figure)–but not added a lot.  I have at least 10 more chapters to go though so you never know!

I did do a lot of editing when I typed it out so that could be a contributing factor!  I might just be stuck publishing my first novella!

I guess that fits with what they’re saying about ebooks right now though.  Rumour has it that Amazon and the rest of the ebook publishers are saying that shorter is what’s making the cut right now.

I’m going to hold off on judgement of my own work until I reach the end!  Get it edited, see if there’s anything else I”m going to add.  I haven’t implemented any of the potential changes I had typed out a couple of weeks ago.  I just haven’t found the right way to do it and I’m not sure those changes are right… I can’t see some of it really working–I think my mind was trying to expand what I had rather than seeing workable ideas.

Sometimes I find editing frustrating and other times I find it exhilarating–despite it being daunting, it’s MY work.  I brought this into the world, but before I can present it to the world, I need to improve it.

Yeah, let’s go with that!