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Great novel title huh?

I thought so… so much so that I do actually have a novel that I started a few years ago but never went much further than the first chapter or so.

I’m talking about real life though… Yikes, does it have a way to mess with a person’s head.  My grandma was admitted to hospital on Thursday night and life has been upside down since then with visits to the hospital twice a day to see her and not seeing any improvement.  The big question is whether she’ll ever come home because she seems to have given up the ghost in some ways.  She has always been one of those very proud and independent women who developed dementia four years ago so landing in hospital at 87 with infection and on IV antibiotics has caused much more confusion and not a single desire to help herself.

I guess this is how life serves itself up sometimes… and without those speed bumps, we wouldn’t have anything to write about!

We are all individuals in our experiences and we all draw on those experiences in different ways.  Somewhere in the world might be a life double who would draw differently from the exact same experiences.  Maybe she would write a non-fiction, Q&A book whereas I might take this and put it into my next novel, or one of the novels I have to edit.

So live your life’s pages carefully…