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We made it to another year–2015–the year Marty McFly travelled to in the second Back to the Future movie.  There were flying cars, holograms, an 80’s cafe and you could not only purchase something with a thumbprint but it’s also how you entered your home!

Well today is not much different than yesterday which wasn’t any different really than a year ago.  Doesn’t seem like that much has changed.  Have we changed? I most certainly hope so! We should change.  We should grow in our knowledge and in our writing.

What has changed for me from a year ago? Or should I ask what good things happened this year?
I wrote my first novel in two years
I was invited to teach writing at a local Public Library
I was invited, as photographer, to shoot a foal inspection
I got up the nerve to send an article on-speck to Writer’s Digest!

All of that was in the last half of the year!

Have I set goals?  I’d like to…
Edit the two novels I have (found a manuscript from TWO years ago)
Publish both novels paperback and e-book
Be successful in selling both novels
Improve my abilities to write articles (more like coming up with a stream of ideas) and sell them
Write another novel–by hand? On the computer? We’ll see!  Maybe handwritten manuscripts will be my new thing for a few books
Make money from my writing!

What are your goals?

May 2015 be the year for all of us to break through and get our writing out there and prosper!