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Not a moment to myself these last five days!  I’ve had five off in a row and I haven’t had a chance to spend an entire day at home.  I’ve had to be somewhere doing something every day and today is no exception.

And I feel drained from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  My brother’s girlfriend also told him to get out of her house after he’d only lived there for maybe two weeks (and did all this by text from halfway around the world) so yesterday was spent trying to get the poor guy’s stuff back out of there.  We managed to do it in a single trip with four vehicles!  Shortly before we left her place, he got a text that she had no doubt in her mind that things were over. I feel so bad for him.  Who does that?  So emotional holidays as well.

Now I work the next two days, then two off, then two more back at work.  Ho hum and so it goes!

But amidst it all, I did manage to finally submit my Back to Basics… article to Writer’s Digest!! I was feeling so happy Friday afternoon when I did it.  AND I had to do another edit because it didn’t fit the requested word counts!  What a crazy bit of work that was!  I guess it’s not really unlike editing a novel.  Yes it is… a novel can be any length!

As for New Year’s Resolutions for 2015?  I want to make serious income off my writing.  So if you know anyone that might be looking for something, send them my way!  I want to get rid of that second part-time job–I want writing to fill that role!

I have two books I want to edit and get out there this year.  I had new ideas for The Trinket Box but I don’t know if they’ll work–it may throw the timeline off way too much.  I’ll give it a whirl as I get into the editing process.

What’s yours?  What are your goals for 2015?  Whether they’re big or small, follow through with them!

Happy New Year!