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As as writer, I find there’s always a trade-off… either my house gets cleaned, OR my blog gets updated.  In this case I either get ready for Christmas OR I sit down and start editing (or writing, whichever I feel the need to do).  I don’t think my daughter would be too thrilled if I kept writing and never bought gifts, or wrapped them!

So once again I’m always torn.  I guess that’s why Sunday mornings work fairly well at updating my blog.  It’s time for me even though this morning I have wrapped gifts, edited an article, wrapped gifts and here I am!

This time of year always brings feelings of joy for me.  The feeling that my writing career could take off on angel’s wings and soar to heights previously unknown.  I feel that way about several things at this time of year and yet there seems to be a time in January when everything just bottoms out and I’m left feeling like the muddy mat at the front door!  And I haven’t figured out yet what it is… the positive energy that surrounds us at Christmas–everyone is feeling the spirit?  Or is it the spirit lifting our hearts to the season?

I understand that at this time of year, whether we know it or not, we undergo a bit of a spiritual transformation and it’s whether you follow through with it or not that makes it (or breaks it).  This year I want to carry it through.  This coming year I want something, anything to happen!  In September things were on an upward spiral, but since starting that second job, that spiral turned upside down!  I lost touch with everything all because I worked too many hours a week to allow time for my writing career to fit in.

I want things to change for the better in 2015 so I’m going to do all I can to make that happen!!  But I’m not making a resolution–I’ve only ever followed through on one of those!  We’ll touch on that more next week!

So unless I do manage to find the time Wednesday (Christmas Eve) to put up a post, I wish you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.