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Well, I just (and I mean just) finished typing out The Trinket Box.  No, I haven’t come up with any other titles so you’ll have to let me know if you don’t like it!  I’ve checked out Amazon and there is only one other book with that title so I can’t see it being a problem.

Joanna is in her 30s and just been dumped.  She and her friend Shelley take off for a weekend at the trailer and Joanna finds, amidst a pile of antiques, a trinket box.  A trinket box that will change her life and her beliefs.  Inside, she finds a ring and a letter.  She begins communicating with the letter’s writer both through her dreams and on paper.  They get to know one another and learn that James has been trapped in the equivalent to an abyss for a hundred years.  They fall in love with each other and now it’s up to Joanna to figure out what to do to get James out!

Now I will print it and put it into a binder and soon the editing process will begin!!  Ugh!!  Can I enjoy Christmas first?

I also have my article Back to Basics… Write  Your Novel by Hand that I want to try to sell.  Still needs a bit of work.

Do you remember that other idea I had?  Good, because I don’t!!  Now I’ll have to go back through my posts to see if I can find it.  I don’t think it’s anywhere else… this is what happens with stress!  You forget things.

Such is the life of a writer though.  You have to have more than one project going even if it is just a novel and an article, or two or three.  Plus a blog, or more than one!

So, I will leave you to your writing as I return to mine.