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to many things!  The first one on my list is the New Year.  Yes, we have to have Christmas first but then there is that week in between where we can start to set our resolutions… 2 years ago I vowed to lose 20 lbs and I lost 30 that year.  Willpower… what a great word!

I think that applies to all of us writers as well, no matter what stage we’re at.  You have to have the willpower to succeed, especially in today’s markets.  In 2006 when that British publisher had found me and offered to publish my books, I was ecstatic!!  I thought I was going to make it big, HUGE!!  They talked about the Frankfurt Book Fair, the whole nine yards… that’s where it ended.  Guess they ran out of money before anything else could happen.  Bookstores here wouldn’t order the books because it was too costly to ship them from Britain.  Who lost out?  I did.  So I returned to the self-publishing scene and have been there ever since.  It hasn’t been that long that self-publishing, or rather Indie publishing has grown so drastically so “way back then” I didn’t know what I was doing!  Now I’m a bit more knowledgeable thanks, in great part, to all of the great articles Writer’s Digest and The Writer put out as well as Hope Clark in her Funds for Writers newsletters.  To you all, I salute you!

My best advice is to do what is right for you!!  When it comes to your writing, you’re the captain of the ship.  If self-publishing feels right to you, then do it, the same applies if sending out queries to traditional publishers feels right.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to do what feels right where your writing is concerned!

Mine is still forming, but it has something to do with getting out there and actually making that second income back from my writing!  Why can’t I spend ten hours a week doing what I love rather than feeling like I’m wasting my time doing something else?

Of course I want to publish my new book, and that will get done so I don’t think of that as a Resolution.

So what will yours be?