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Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo… have you validated your word count?  I did!  Between two different projects, I did manage 50,000 words.

The Trinket Box isn’t any closer to being finished as I just haven’t had any additional time to work on it.  I know I’m altering the ending with a wedding at sunset on the beach rather than waiting the four months I had originally written.

That’s the joy of writing!  You really can change things as much, or as little, as you need or want to.  Sometimes just leaving something and coming back to it can make it change in your mind to something that makes more sense or just alter it to make it longer, or add suspense!

In some ways I wanted to get it out before Christmas… well, it would have been nice, but to rush it isn’t worth it either because then it’s not the best I could have written.  So I will work at finishing it and then editing it and then getting it out to all of you!

Well, it seems that I have some Mayo to go buy so I have to sign off!