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Ah Life… that wonderful thing that does it’s best to interrupt any writer’s mojo!!

I ended up with a 3-day weekend which hasn’t been so great.  My dad called Friday afternoon as they needed to borrow my cat carrier, one of their cats hadn’t been eating for about three days and had lost an incredible amount of weight.  A two hour vet appointment later told the tale–she had cancer.  Cancer of the liver that caused enough swelling that it was crowding the other organs, including the stomach and one of her lungs.  There is no treatment.  Yesterday, they took her back and had her put down.  An incredibly sad weekend.  Needless to say, I’ve hardly been home!

I thought of Pierce, Joanna’s cat in The Trinket Box and how she would react if Pierce got sick.  I’m not going to write it but it certainly gave me food for thought for another time.

So life tends to intrude so often for a writer.  Is it everyone?  Or just me?

I did manage to get my handout material written on Friday morning for Platform tomorrow night.  This afternoon’s task will be the PowerPoint presentation as I’m starting from scratch on it! I can’t cut and paste anything!!

So how do we, as writers, carry on when life gets in the way and cuts us off?

I’m not sure we’ll ever know the answer.