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I had a lunch hour to myself Tuesday and I thought it was great–I could get some writing done–HA! There was a laugh!

By the time I got home, fed the cats and was ready to go, I looked at the clock and the time was gone.  I managed about two sentences and that was it!

So I’m actually adding to The Trinket Box!  I realized that I can’t have someone come out of a hundred year fog, and then skip ahead four months and try to sum up everything he’s learned about technology when he probably didn’t even have electricity, or a refrigerator, before he died, let alone a TV, cell phone and internet!  So I’m adding it all in and maybe a walk in the park, something a bit more familiar and it gets him away from all the tech stuff for a bit!

So maybe I will hit a good novel-length word count after all!  Also have to see how NaNo goes!

Sunday mornings is my best time.  Time for me for a short time.  Can’t seem to get it anywhere else!  Or any other time.

I also need to make time to write up my information for class as the next class is on Platform… something I hope I’m doing enough of but never taught in my classes before.  Research!!  It should be fun though!  I think it will be!