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So Nano started yesterday and I barely got any time to write as my daughter was in a riding show.  I know that though.  I also never got any more typing of Trinket Box typed this week.  It was a crazy week and, honestly, I’m tired of it!  I’m tired of not having the time to write and do the other writing related things I do.  It’s been six weeks since I took this new job and it’s no better now than it was.  Could it be that I’m just in a negative state of mind?  Or could it be that I’m truly in over my head?

Well, I have to say that hopefully it won’t matter for much longer.  For one, my daughter is now teaching riding (which actually puts me in the position of going out to the barn more) and we’re doing chores every Wednesday evening so it might not be a requirement for me to continue working this job moving forward, and for two, I have applied for a position with a local school board to manage the PSW Program… it’s 35 hours a week which is a closer match to my former 28 hours.  It still won’t free up my Wednesdays but it will give me back my weekends.

These are the moments when I wish I could open my own Writing Studio.  They are the moments when I wish my writing paid me the salary I need.

I’m sure I’m not the only writer out here who digresses on all of the what-ifs and I can honestly say I get it.  I just hope that maybe someday we writers can all get together to support each other, promote each other and inspire each other–a single, large, world-wide writing community!