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Do I have your attention with the misspelled “please” for this, my mid-week rant?


What I want is for someone to start paying me for my writing!  Maybe that’s a bit bold.

Am I frustrated? You bet!

Should I be?

Why not?  After all, I’ve been writing for 13 years, published 2 books, self-published the same 2 and 6 more.  I teach to both children and adults.

And yet I still had to take a second job to make ends meet when I’ve had a second job for all this time–just nobody is paying me to do it!

I don’t write short stories so entering contests is almost out, in fact I struggle to even write something for Chicken Soup!

What I do write is novels.

What I can write is articles–but IF I have somewhere to sell them because once in a while I come up with a great idea but then find I can’t place it because it’s obscure enough to not quite fit.


What do I do?