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Just under 70 pages to type out now.  I feel like I’m working against the clock.  Nano starts in less than a week and I reached the decision to try to have The Trinket Box typed out before November 1 so I can shelve it for the month and focus on something else.

I also have another problem–I’m nowhere near 50,000 words!!  I’m close to 20,000.  That’s a novella!!  The questions start running through my mind:
Do I keep it the way and the length that it is?
Will there be more to add when I do another edit?
Will people buy it if it’s only 100 pages?

Perhaps I was just in a hurry to end it and I could add so much more.  Or maybe people will be happy with it just the way it is.

On the Freelance side of things (not that I’d call it that since I haven’t sold anything in years), I did more work on that article.  I still haven’t finished it.  It might be something I might try to sell to Hope Clark for her newsletter.  Back to Basics: Write Your Next Novel by Hand

Won’t know if I don’t try.  I’m not sure if Writer’s Digest or The Writer would be interested.

Well, I best be off… I have a PowerPoint presentation to refine for a certain Young Writer’s Club class tomorrow evening!  So exciting!