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This past week was not the greatest… I need more hours added to a week.  The question is?  Would I use it to be productive as a writer?  Or would I end up using the time to sleep?

I also came down with a stomach bug on Friday so that took a day out of the mix.  I didn’t even get to work!  It passed (as they always do) but left some resentment behind.  I’m already feeling resentment towards the second job as it takes away more time from writing.  I know it pays bills so I feel guilty about the resentment!  What a mix… I think I made myself sick!

But, as a quote on Facebook said this morning, Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday.  Let it go.

So I move on once more to trying to get as much writing done as I can… I’ve now typed more than 7,000 words.  I also wrote an article this week, no, scratch that, I wrote most of an article this week!  I stole some time away at work and got my ideas down on paper.  It’s about going back to basics and writing a manuscript by hand.  Any idea who might want to buy an article like that?

On a positive note, it’s official!  I will be teaching the Young Writer’s Club for Cambridge Public Library starting next Monday!  I’m excited about it because they reached out to me!  This is fantastic for me!

So once again I wish you all well.  I also invite you to Like my Facebook page…

I wish you all the best in writing and don’t forget to sign up for Nano!  Here’s a Story Starter to get your mind thinking:

Enraged by a conflict with a former friend, an apprentice beekeeper breaks into a prison.  (Why would anyone want to break IN to a prison?)