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I stayed up late (by my standards) last night and finished my book!!  It was a jubilant moment, despite the fatigue!  It was that moment that felt great because I had finally managed to complete a manuscript, the first in TWO years!

What next?  Well, I’m not going to wait too long but next comes typing it out–I have no idea if I’ll be able to read my own writing and during this process I’m going to do my major edits.  Then I will print that and do a final edit before I title it, format it and upload it!

It will take a long time to get this done with my work schedule now but at least it’s something I can work on at a slower pace!

I can’t wait to see it as a typed manuscript!

I also had another idea, a potential for a new YA novel.  But I’m not sure because I’d be going back to incorporating time travel but for an entirely different reason.

Fresh notebook please!!