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I was just baking cookies, from scratch and I realized as I put them in the oven that it’s really so similar to writing a book!

You pull together all the ingredients–plot, sublot, characters, backstory, setting and then all of the other details that make up your story (mystery, romance, thriller, horror pieces) and you stir it all up!

The time spent in the oven is like the time you spend sitting at the computer writing the actual story.

Of course the cookies are on a smaller scale since it takes longer than 10 minutes (a batch) to write it all out but definitely similar!

Well the new job has caught up.  I had this awesome writing session through the climax and then I’ve hardly had time to write since.  I ended up taping 2 pages together because I didn’t like what I had written, then I managed only about 4 pages for the rest of the week.

I have to try to get back to it, I don’t want to break the spell that has brought me this far.  It’s been more important now for me to try to write every day!