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Well, I’m there.  I’m at page 152 and about to start Chapter 23!!  This will lead me right through the climax which, by romance standards, will result, initially (of course), in disappointment!  Of course by paranormal standards, it will all work out!

The best line I just wrote yesterday almost perfectly sums up the entire book:

“Of course I am [nervous].  How many people do you know that are holding a special ceremony to “marry” the man they’ve fallen in love with who has been stuck in time and place somewhere between heaven and hell for a hundred years?”

Sounds even better the second time around…

So I’m working 6 days a week and still finding time to clean the house and write.  Maybe I needed the boost?

On an even greater high was the response I got from my CBC Radio interview 2 weeks ago.  A local library contacted me to teach their fall Youth Writing Program!!  So that’s where I want to be!!!  I want people coming to me and this is a great start!!  I’m still working through the necessities of it (resume, references, police check, etc) but I’m excited!!  It will be 4 Mondays, every other, for an hour!!

At this point I can’t wait to finish my book!  I want to start typing it out soon which will probably involve a lot of edits but then that’s what editing is for!  It has been fun reaching back into that paranormal side of things.  It gives so much more reign.

Remember, if you can make it believable, you’ve made it (I said that!).

Back to writing!