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I started my new job this week and I’m already showing fatigue and I didn’t have to work Saturday which was a huge bonus.  Makes getting into this whole thing a bit easier.  This week I’ll work 6 days but I won’t be doing the new job Friday evening as I’ll be at the first symphony of the season! YAY!

As for the writing, it took a huge hit too this week.  I think at least 2 days went by that I didn’t write a word and that’s been the longest since working on this.  I did get back at it again and it wasn’t for trying, I was just extremely tired!

I’m in the midst now of planning a wedding, but not really… okay, we’ve determined that poor James is stuck.  He didn’t go to heaven and he didn’t go to ****.  He’s stuck.  After almost a hundred years communication has finally opened up to him.  Now we have to get him out of there.  With Maria’s help it has been determined that they should be able to get him out of there with a ceremony.  I won’t spill all the beans!

So this week I’ll hopefully be able to continue developing this over this next extremely busy week.

Time will tell with how all this is going to work out.