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Okay, so week 2 has been a little more subdued.  I had to go back to work and agitation… that word doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I was near tears by lunch!  I don’t know if I can describe it–I felt almost quivery inside.  It was as though my creative side had been eaten up and and that was it!  Poof!  GONE!!

So that evening I sat down and I wrote almost an entire chapter and then I felt a bit better but that frustration stayed with me through Tuesday, just not quite as bad–of course I was by myself in the office so if I needed to take 5 and write I could–that made the difference!

But… on the positive side, I sold THREE photos yesterday (though I wish it would be more–may be yet to come) and that felt good, I had a whole bunch of issues to resolve with the new job and I did my radio interview this morning but found out that it will only be airing tomorrow morning–it wasn’t a live interview.  And it will be airing sometime between 6:30 and 8 a.m. Most of which I am usually asleep!!!

Here’s hoping that the right people hear it.  I think that’s the most important thing–don’t ask me who those right people are yet though, I haven’t decided!

So this turned out to be a fairly decent short vacation.  Of course next week I’ll be working 6 days out of 7 but it totals 40 hours so maybe that’s not soooo bad after all!!  I can also take my novel to work with me and work on it on my down time–maybe that might not be so bad since I can’t do that at my other job!

So the book is coming along.  Maria has proven to be incredibly helpful and has taken a big step towards being Joanna’s friend.  Joanna really wants to talk to her BFF Shelley about what’s going on but she knows that Shelley isn’t going to believe her about James or anything else about what has been happening.  I’m glad I created the next door neighbour as someone that not only believes Joanna and wants to help but who can help.  If I’m going to write a paranormal story, it may as well have all the fixin’s!

So that’s about it!  I don’t have quite the same Electrifying excitement I had last week but it’s still there, not far from the surface.  Hopefully everything will still come together!