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Okay, so I have had the best week!!  Last Tuesday I was presented with three new opportunities!!  One, a new PT job–well, it will help pay the bills and hopefully reduce a lot of financial stress.  Two, an offer to attend an Equine event on Friday where the foals are judged and branded, as the photographer!!!  This has never happened to me!!  This was brand new.  Lastly, I was offered a radio interview for my Cursive Writing Class!!  So, I accepted the PT job, I felt that was necessary and though I will be working 6 days a week which will take even more time away from my writing, I need to reduce the stress and wonder where the next cheque is going to come from!!  Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to do some writing on the job because other than seeing patients, I don’t think there’s a whole lot else that I do.

I accepted the photography session because why wouldn’t I???  This means the possibility of some income from them and spreads the word–a.k.a. networking!!

Lastly, I did a preliminary interview for the radio on Thursday and they offered me an on-air interview.  It was supposed to be tomorrow morning but will have to be pushed off to later in the week due to the inability to get me onto the schedule for tomorrow.  I’m back at work this week which makes it more difficult.  The great part about that though is my boss offered my co-worker and I extra days off next week so I will be off Wednesday and Thursday which is awesome!!

So all of this happened in ONE week!!  JUST after my 40th birthday!!  I can only hope that it now continues!!  I can only hope that the radio interview will boost my registrations for the class to the point I have to run TWO!!  I hope that everyone loves the photos I took and buys, buys & buys!

And on the writing front, I have crossed into Chapter 14, and I’m almost at page 100!  They have met again in a dream and they have exchanged ‘I love you’s’.  Need to start moving towards the climax which I will not tell you about right now.  The fog where James is stuck is not yet lifting but it’s getting warmer (it was initially freezing).  I have introduced another character to help, Joanna’s neighbour, Maria, who happens to be a psychic, a medium, whatever you want to call her who wants to help in any way possible.  I think that will be a big help and everything is leading towards the same conclusion.  There is much planning involved for that to happen but I think there needs to be a few more letters and at least another visit first.  This is sooo much fun!!  I totally forgot how wonderful it felt to write!!

Pick up a pen!!  Write something! Anything!  What are you working on?