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As you can tell, I’m still chugging along nicely on the new novel and I’m still handwriting it!  I haven’t determined, yet, if that is why I’m doing so well or whether I’m doing well because it’s what I enjoy writing–the paranormal romance of sorts.

So Joanna and James have just started to exchange letters via the Trinket Box.  She has visited him in a dream and they are starting to have feelings for each other.  This is great!  The only thing I’m still having a bit of an issue with is that the book doesn’t have a lot of dialogue/people interaction.  I’ve had her talking to her dad about James, and I’ve had her talking to her friend Shelley but not about the trinket box because Joanna knows that Shelley isn’t going to believe her and will freak out and run if she’s shown the letters.  It’s just different from other novels because there’s so much ONE time.  And “conversation” is via letters.  Getting to know the main characters via letters rather than conversations over dinner and walks in the park. 

But I’m still getting there.  Perhaps getting to the end will help and then being able to type it out and see just how much may need to change.  Maybe there will be enough excitement to carry through those down times where Joanna is thinking or dreaming or writing a letter.

Either way, I’m excited that I’m getting there.  That I’m wading my way through my first novel in TWO years and that this time, I’m going to make it to the end!