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A weekend (an extended weekend at that) at the beach!  The weather was so-so but it didn’t pour rain, the temp was in the low 20s and we spent a fair bit of time on the beach soaking in the weather!

And I have managed to get through Chapter 7!  This is exciting for me despite not being a first-time writer. I feel that way though.  Maybe it’s just a thing.  i spent so much time away from it that it’s a huge readjustment in my mind.  The confidence I once had in my abilities shifted to my abilities to teach and schedule and teach some more. I fell into a vicious cycle that didn’t leave time for my own creative muse.

So my character, Joanna (Jo), has opened the Trinket Box’s secret compartment and found a telegraph, a letter and a wedding band.  It’s unfolding quite nicely.  I’m not used to taking these things that slowly so that in itself is an adjustment.  And I have to sit and re-read before I put pen back to paper to collect my thoughts. 

That’s something else, if one way of doing things fails you, change it.  In this case, I’m handwriting the entire book!  Yes, it sounds daunting, even to me.  I have always started my novels off by hand, then rewritten that section as I typed it out and then carried on.  Because I have had such blockages lately (and I have the beginnings to about 4 novels buried in my Word files on my laptop) I felt the need to continue with pen on paper just this once.  I think also not having a word count glaring back at me has helped as well.  And not thinking about what I’m going to write about in the sequel because this will be my first official stand-alone since my sixth book.

Despite all this, I am going to go back to scheduling, marketing and possibly teaching a class in the fall but not on writing, well, sort of.  Because cursive handwriting is being removed from the school curriculum I had been thinking about teaching a Cursive Handwriting class to kids ages 10-13 or so.  It won’t be all the ins and outs we learned in school when we spent an entire year learning the alphabet and it had to look a certain way and on and on it went.  But these kids will at least know how to sign their names and maybe write a letter or a shopping list or something.  It won’t be perfect but whose handwriting is still the same now as it was in Grade 4?  My signature has morphed into something almost illegible all these years later.  But… I’m going to handle it in a much more matter-of-fact way.  I’m going to take registrations, I’m going to force payment at the time of registration and if I don’t get the kids, then I don’t run the class. 

I’d like to say “no muss, no fuss” but it will still be a challenge.  I think teaching kids always is but keeping it to 1 hour a week for five weeks and leaving it at that will hopefully help keep it all in check. 

Off to write Chapter 8!!