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All I really want is more time.  More time to get some writing done.  I might have that soon though.  This weekend… I’m off to the beach!  My daughter is bringing along a friend.  I’m hoping that means that they will entertain themselves while I can sit and do some writing!

And reading… my newest copy of Writer’s Digest arrived on Monday and I have yet to even open it.  I’m saving that too.

I am on to Chapter 6 though which isn’t a lot really since I was on Chapter 4 a week ago.  However I haven’t had a lot of time and, I’m sure you find too, it’s always a trade-off.  It’s either clean the house or write and sometimes the vacuuming just has to be done. 

I’m also on vacation for two weeks starting Friday and have every intention of doing a lot of writing.  Maybe I can even finish it?  That’s probably asking a lot!  But I do have high hopes!

So far I made it to Chapter 6 and I am just about to open the… oh, wait a minute, I don’t want to spoil it!!  Anyway, I can now move it forward more and before I know it, that part where I didn’t want to rush into the climax?  That will be upon me!

Going back to no time… Teenager, horseback riding, grandmother with Alzheimer’s… pretty well covers it all!!  It takes time to actually get into the writing.  It’s not something I can just sit down and do for five minutes and then go running off out the door.

I continue to hope, but first I have to hope that I can get my desk cleared off in the next day and a half so I can get out of there for two weeks.