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I beat the deadline by zero days!!  We have an event here called Flirting with the Arts.  It’s a one-day event that allows individuals to literally flirt with a variety of arts.  I was a participant this past February to see if I could get my creative brain cells to restore themselves.  It worked, on some level!  I say that because it has taken me nearly six months to finally get working on a novel that I think will stick!  So this time around, I applied to be an instructor.  Today was the deadline… nothing like waiting to the eleventh hour!

I’m so happy though!  I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best.  I think it would be another HUGE letdown if they don’t pick me.  And only because I’m not exactly in a terrifically happy place right now.  I won’t burden you with that.

I chose to teach Novel Writing in 30 Minutes… am I nuts? you ask… yeah, probably but I’ve fleshed it out enough to know that it will work.  It will leave people with the basics and a brief overview (like the back of a novel) of the novel they want to write.  The hardest part was trying to write a workshop description in 25 words–mine spilled to 33 (I’m sorry!) as well as a bio in the same word length.  I think I was pretty close though.  It’s really hard!!

So we’ll wait and see about that and in the meantime I will continue putting pen to paper and flesh out more of this story that I still want to jump into the middle of.  Sometimes that’s the way to go, but no, don’t want to do it!

I read a wonderful newsletter from C. Hope Clark in her FundsforWriters this week.  I might actually follow-up on one or two of her leads this week (not that I haven’t tried to before, it just always turns out to have a requirement I can’t meet) with the article I wrote about not making your kids study something in post-secondary education that you want them to rather than what they want to.  We’ll see.

Wish me luck!