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But nowhere close!

I made it to Chapter 4… finally!

What a great feat it seems to be even though I have written eight novels.  A few gave me some heartburn but I made it through.

This is the first novel in two years and it feels like I’m pushing my car up a hill!  It’s not that I don’t want to build it and tell it but I want to do it in a hurry!

I don’t want to develop the story and characters through dialogue with other characters.  I want to push through to the juicy parts.  I want to start growing the romantic relationship through letters and the unknown and my main character thinking she’s lost her mind.  I want to skip to the climax and the “let-down” before getting to the end.

But… if I do all that now then I will have to add all that in during Edit #1.

So it’s killing me, and not having the time is also a huge factor.  I’ve barely had time to blog these past two weeks, as you may have noticed, let alone write.  It’s been quite the struggle!

On a second note, I have a possible opportunity to teach at a one-time event so I have a question–>what is it you’d like to, or liked to have, learned THE MOST about writing and can it be done in a half hour?  Thanks!