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It has been said before that writing is like playing God.  And, since I’ve done that eight times already, it sort of is.  You get to pick the storyline–you lay out the plot, you develop your characters and you tell those characters what to do.  But…

There’s always a but!

Characters are fickle things!  Once they come to life in your head, that’s it!  They become the boss.  They start doing their own thing and you end up being nothing more than the transcriptionist trying to tell the story as quickly as you can.

I’m finally back to playing God!  I have written the prologue for my new book!!  That was exciting.  I guess I cheated a little bit.  Our local newspaper has been running a series of articles as it’s the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI and parts of my prologue have come from one of those articles… sorry, I’m not a historian, I need to find this kind of information wherever I possibly can!

So off I go to see if I can get some more down before the God bank closes!