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Work has managed to get in the way of my writing!  As it always does.  Turns out though that my co-worker believes in what I’m trying to do–the whole ghost, beyond-the-grave stuff!!  So that’s cool!  I’m reading a book she let me borrow that might give me some idea on how to actually accomplish this task.

It’s very much like my “baby” Til We Meet Again where I incorporated two story lines, one from the past, one from the future and then added the twist of reincarnation.  I actually got so far and shelved it taking it out months later and BAM! it all came together in a snap.  So it’s not that I don’t know what I want to say, I just need to get started!!  Again…

I’ve also been debating on starting a “Horse-y Mom” blog.  My daughter has been riding for 9 years and I have a lot to say on the subject from money, to horses, to everything someone might want to (or not want to!) hear about riding and whether or not they want to “let” their child get up onto a horse.  We all hear the bad stuff but what about the good stuff.  We all know that Christopher Reeve met his demise (more or less) up there but we never hear about what he may have accomplished before that happened.  My daughter took quite a bad fall on Friday–broke a rail with her face and has cuts and bruises on one side of her face to show for it.  My heart pounded and the adrenaline rushed for quite some time but she’s okay and will be climbing back up there later today. 

Well, there I go, off on a tangent.  I guess if it relates to writing it’s not just a tangent… it’s experimenting.

So while I ponder a few more things I will give you another story starter:

After four failed marriages, a fallen angel gets trapped inside a popular TV show

Have fun!