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I find I have this abundance of ideas… BUT…  if I don’t act on them right away, they start to ebb away on me!!

I got this other great idea that would be a fantastic fantasy type novel with ghosts and reincarnation and revival of the dead!  How great does that sound?  Fabulous for me as a believer in all that.  The last book I truly made work was Til We Meet Again where past meets present in a reincarnation love story. 

Now we’re talking about present meeting past and not necessarily reincarnation but it would work!

See, this is what I was talking about in my last post–I am working which takes time away from actually taking an idea like this and making it work!!

So I can either not do my work this afternoon when I go back after lunch or I could try to find some time tomorrow to lock myself in my room and just bang something out.  I’d like to pre-plan this one which is so not me!!  I am not a planner.  Never has one of my books been planned.  I just usually sit down with the first name of my main character and start in.

I’m seeing this as a bit of a Lake House type novel as well.  I have to find some way for the communication between this world and that to work.

I am really glad I now have a blog in which to pour these things into!  It certainly does help because I can come back here and remember what it was I was thinking about.

How refreshing!