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I dislike when people ask me what I write.  Why? Because when it comes right down to it, my novels are categorized as Romance.  Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that but what I really write are Love Stories.

I gave up reading the formulaic romance novels because life just didn’t happen that way–two people didn’t meet, argue, finally announce they loved one another, only to be torn apart then reunited.  Sure some relationships form exactly this way but most don’t. 

Most are boy-meets-girl and they go through life together–everything that life has to throw at them.  And that’s what I started to write.  The basic boy-meets-girl and their relationship develops.  Sometimes they seem to rush things, and most of the time they find themselves questioning their sanity and trying to figure out if the feelings they are experiencing are real and if so, is this their soul mate?  Most of the time I give them something in addition to their developing romance.  I try to give some kind of mystery and twice I have added the paranormal.

I personally believe in soul mates.  I believe we all have someone out there for us.  Probably a few options as we grow and change.

So I will continue writing my love stories and I will continue to try to write mysteries and maybe one day, my mystery will end up categorized as Mystery rather than Romance!