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Is the day after today, obviously.  Tomorrow, though, is Kid’s Camp!  It’s here!!  Two weeks later than it usually is and a few campers down.  But I’m as ready as I can be!  The manuals are printed, as are the handouts, the supplies have been purchased and the craft supplies are loaded.  All I need now are the campers.  Phew!

Since I’m on vacation as well I’m hoping (my daughter will be home so we’ll see about that part!) to get some writing done as well as planning for my Cursive Writing Class.  I thought, since the school system has pulled it, I’d do it.  Basics, obviously, but get kids out there handwriting all the same!

I’d like to know if life will ever slow down enough to find a groove but I think it would be pretty boring if it slowed down too much. 

I’m still feeling stuck between that rock and a hard place.  Take today, for example, I spent most of my morning preparing for camp and now my afternoon will be spent at my parent’s house with idle chit-chat going on around me.

Two weeks ago I had too many ideas.  Now, I haven’t had a moment to try to make anything of that. 

I applied for a job this week though.  It’s an art instructor, hopefully in Fine Arts (a.k.a. writing).  It wouldn’t start until the winter though, IF I get a call!

Well, it’s time to pack up and start my journey for the afternoon. 

Here’s a story starter for you:

Upon breaking a lifelong promise, a computer hacker uncovers a hidden family secret!