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That’s where I feel I’m stuck at the moment.  Every once in a while it happens.  It probably happens to you too!

Half the time I’m too busy to write (or I say I am but here I am writing again!) with a full-time job and being a full-time mom to a teenager.  I have been writing long enough to know that I’m going to have slumps but it’s not just that.  Last week I was on a high because I had days off in a row, I got stuff done and I managed to, easily, publish my book on Kindle which I thought was out of my reach!

This week I’m running my daughter out to camp, racing back in to work, rushing the whole time and I wonder when I’m going to get any time to relax, read, write, get that feeling back!

I also have my writing camp next week and I only have FOUR!  I blame this on our local newspaper who didn’t get my ad into their special section because of a “location error”.  It also doesn’t help that it seems every camp in the tri-city area is running next week as well.  I will have to rethink that next year, but I also feel like rethinking many things.  Do I continue to push the classes or do I walk away?  It’s tough constantly having to work at it; constantly planning and advertising and trying to get enough to make the classes worthwhile.  I don’t feel like a writer when that’s all I seem to do. 

And yet, I was going to design my logo for the business–for the studio I one day dream of having called A Thousand Words.  It’s where Writing and Photography meet.

Maybe next week, while taking vacation and running half day camps, I will find that inner strength once more to persevere!