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I finally had the time on Thursday to log on to Amazon and publish my YA novel as an e-book!  Of course now I would like to do it with all my books but I’d have to delete them as e-books on Lulu first (which really isn’t a big thing is it?).

But it was soooo easy! I was actually surprised.  I think the most difficult part was having to set up my account because I’m Canadian so I had to “sign” a waiver because it’s classified as taxable income.  But they have to sell first!

Right now it’s $2.99 at http://www.amazon.com/Changes-Time-Pamela-Clayfield-ebook/dp/B00LI2JCBC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404655326&sr=8-1&keywords=pamela+clayfield but starting August 3, for one week, it will be $0.99. 

It really did help to do that!  It’s amazing how the subconscious works!  I also got my issue of Writer’s Digest but have hardly had time to read it!  Hopefully there will be a few suggestions in there.

If you really want to publish an e-book, it’s really easy.  Go to Amazon.com and search for the publish section.  Click on Kindle Publishing and set up your account. The only thing you really need to do is make sure that your book is formatted in Word.  I had my book formatted for the 6×9″ hardcopy and Amazon accepted the file no problem.  You create your cover and you’re off!  It’s incredibly easy!!

So, I’ll go back to writing (although that is what I’m doing right now) and see if I can come up with the great sequel to Changes In Time that I have sketched out here beside me.