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I’d like to say I’ve done everything on my to-do list but that would be impossible!  There aren’t enough hours in a day!

But… I am running a sale on my Online Writing Program, for Canada Day.  I did manage to update my Instructor Manual for camp, I just have to print it.  I have the Kid’s Manual to go.  I have sent an email out to my camp kids (those I’m expecting so far) and I have gone through my pictures so I can maybe upload them and get some prints made so I can get to the other project I have to do–finish the Retirement Scrapbook for Diane before it gets too late!!

But the only writing I’m doing is my blogs.  I guess you have to get one thing out of the way before you can let something else in.  I was also going to try to get to Staples, but I’ve forgotten what for… for now.

I have also tried to figure out how else I can make some extra money without trying to find a new job that will ultimately take more of my time, not less.

I’d hoped by now (4 years after starting my writing programs) that things would be a little more consistent but it doesn’t seem to be paying off.  I only have 4 kids for camp and the last 2 years I’ve had 6 and 7.  6 is my break-even point so do I cancel?  Or take the decreased amount?  Maybe 4 would be good and I wouldn’t need two helpers, just one.  But I’d really like to see this become a success.  Next June will be my Fifth Anniversary since this all started and I guess I will see if it’s going to go or if I’m just going to get frustrated and throw in the towel.

I turn 40 this year and I just feel, right now, like things really are NOT coming together.  It’s rather depressing right now.  And my boss is honestly starting to get on my nerves with just petty stuff that never used to be that way so that does not help in the least as far as trying to find my way–find how the next decade of my life will begin.

I’m digressing again and I apologize.  I guess it really is all a part of my writing path… I’m not just a writer and just a nurse and mom, I’m all those things put together.

And all those things put together makes me who I am which makes my writing what it is.