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Can there be such a thing?

I’m not sure but I’m certainly feeling overwhelmed!! I have a notepad that currently has pages from my Psychic story that can go either way–adult, or YA.  Which will it be.  I haven’t touched that one in a while because I’ve been trying to add small sections to my sequel to Mystery in the Attic that I wrote about a short time ago.  But I keep getting other ideas.  The other day a local radio station put a picture up on Facebook.  It was a split picture–1984 with the family sitting around the dinner table/Now with the family sitting on the couch all playing with tablets/cell phones, even the dog.  They asked if we preferred to be back there.  Thinking about it, I decided on sometimes.  I love the technology of today BUT… there are times when I wish I could just transport myself back there and have some quiet time without my cell phone or tablet chiming that I have a new email and wondering if it’s the next offer of money for my writing (ha HA!!)!  Sure I can easily turn it all off, for a while, but it’s still there.  But what if there was an app to take us back to a simpler time?  Got me thinking!!  Another idea!

Then my baby brother started texting me.  Things aren’t going so hot with his wife and my other brother has been separated now for eight months and it got me thinking about a non-fiction something (article?–to much info; book?–maybe not enough) about marrying (or rather not) for necessity.  I’m sure there are many, many people who marry because they don’t want to grow old alone and they are not willing to wait to find out.  Guilty as charged here too–at least partially.  As humans we should know better but as a species, well, we were put here to procreate.

This post has turned out to be long-winded.  My posts don’t normally go that route!  But think of the Tags!

As a writer, I’m always looking for ideas but can there be too many?  I feel really overwhelmed here and can only wonder if I can keep it all straight and find the time to get it written.

I have always kept little notebooks.  I advise you do the same thing if you find yourself in the same position!  I hope someone out there does!