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I have tried, but failed miserably, to catch up on everything.  I also had weeds to pull out of my garden at home as well as regular cleaning to do–you know the stuff–vacuuming, dusting, sweeping!  So that has consumed part of my weekend as did the weeds!

Oh I wish I had all the time in the world sometimes.  I’m also looking for a new place to hold my classes because the old, well, it’s a long story but a room in my church just isn’t working out anymore.

I’ve thought of holding the classes in my basement but that too requires time (since it’s not organized and I moved in November, plus I’ve had my knee injury for the last 11 weeks so that has set me back) and I’m not certain I like the idea of parents knowing where I live–at least the fathers–since I’m a single mom.

I have just entered a Writer’s Digest contest so that’s one step in the ‘write’ direction.  Many more things to go though!