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I had this glorious weekend that I told you all about and then I came home!!  Home to reality.  My daughter had decided to save all her summatives (a fancy word for project because they did away with most exams) to the last minute.  They were all due… no later than today!!

So all the reading and planning I got started on this past weekend, I haven’t even started to get back to it because the last project was only finished last evening.  I work all day today (so this post will be short), have to vote this evening and we’ll go visit my parents–I might actually get into the pool for the first time this season.

My plan (for what it’s worth) is to do groceries tomorrow and then spend my weekend trying to catch up to where I left off.

Above is a picture of a gorgeous iris (my mom has always called them flags) at sunset.  Oh I miss it already.

Gotta get back to work!