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Despite everything, I did manage to get more work done on my sequel.  Sometimes being a parent (and a single parent no less!) makes it tough to get anything done that does not pertain to the child!!  And it’s also frustrating when you have no time whatsoever to focus on anything at all let alone writing!

I guess this is my “grump” blog today as I write later in the day with my teenager sitting in the room who wants the focus to be on her.

My niece gave me an idea–she is 9 months old and waking up screaming.  Not a cry that leads to a scream because nobody has come for her but a scream and though I didn’t say anything, I wondered whether it was actually night terrors possibly related to a past life experience.  Oh my, the ideas come at the worst times sometimes!!  But, at the same time as a writer who has not been able to write for 1 year, I have to take the ideas as they come.  So I will likely jot some notes and then return to that–maybe the baby of a pair of young parents or maybe a YA where we work back and forth between birth and the child as a teenager.

It’s been a horribly busy weekend so I’m going to try to go hole up somewhere with my pad and pen and see if I can write a few more words down, without interruption!! Ha Ha!!

Keep on writing!